My Dad

My blog will be quiet for a few days as yesterday morning my lovely dad passed away after a long fight with cancer.  He was the best dad I could ever have wished for.  He was kind, funny, very clever and everyone who met him liked him.  My sister, brother and I learned as children that my dad was really good at a lot of things such as climbing trees, Scrabble (we could never beat him), tennis, the magic sixpence trick and inventing silly games to keep us amused on family picnics.  He readily admitted that DIY wasn't his strong point and the rabbit hutch he built was one such memorable feat!   
I owe him an awful lot and I will miss him greatly.
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  1. Such lovely words. He was such an amazing man and will be missed by so many. Best Grampy I could ever have wished for xx

  2. Also do not stop crafting, grampy wouldn't want us to put our lives on hold xx

  3. So sorry for your loss. It's always hard losing someone, especially a dear and much loved parent. Kind Regards Donna Z :)


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