Lazy Sunday - The sound of screeching cats

I just wanted to share with you an early Christmas present that my husband surprised me with.  I have always loved folk music and just lately, anytime I hear a fiddle playing I have to stop and listen.  We have been to two parties just recently where there were amazingly gifted fiddle players and I was captivated.  The last party we went to was a Ceilidh.  It was great fun and in-between dancing (I use that term loosely), drinking and eating, I suddenly decided that I wanted to learn to play the fiddle so that in 5 years time I could bash out a tune at my significant birthday Ceilidh!!!!  I know it's a huge undertaking but I believe that you are never too old to learn anything.
A few days later, a surprise parcel turned up and here it is....

My lovely, thoughtful husband had bought me a fiddle and within a few days of that I had arranged my first lesson.  The look of shock on my violin teacher's face when she saw that I was left handed was probably similar to someone seeing an alien for the first time!!   Anyway after much deliberation, I decided that I would try and learn to play right handed.  I am now on my 3rd lesson and my husband has already started to regret buying me a violin as he has to listen to me practicing most days and yes it does sound like screeching cats. 
It's not an easy instrument to learn but I AM determined to learn and play well, even if it makes everyone laugh when I play at my significant birthday!
I shall keep you updated with how much or little I am progressing and whether my husband or neighbours take out a noise injunction against me.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and just be thankful that you don't live next door to us!
Any words of encouragement from fellow violin players will be greatly appreciated!
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