Triangle Gift Box Tutorial

Hello there.  I was contacted last week by a lady who saw a triangle gift box on Pinterest that I had made last year (see blog post HERE) and asked me if I could provide her with directions on how to make them.  So I thought I would make the instructions available on my blog.
For this box I have used Mama Elephant Honey Bunny stamps and dies and a smidge of watercolouring. 
Triangle Treat Box Tutorial
Here are the directions:-
Start off with a piece of card that measures 7.5" x 9.5"
Then score and cut as below
Free Triangle Gift Box Template
For the triangular pieces at both ends, find the centre of the middle panel and score with your ruler from that point down to both corners as per the dotted lines.  Then measure approximately ½" away from that line as per the solid black line so that when you cut this line you will have created the flaps for the triangular ends of the box.  Does that make sense?
You should end up with your card looking like this:-
Triangle Treat Box Template
Then cut both sides of the lower part of the triangular flap at an angle to make the closure easier like this:-
How to make a Triangular Gift Box Tutorial
And then depending on how you want your box to close, you can either put double sided adhesive along the long flap at the top of the box and on the flaps at one end so that only one end opens like I have done here.....
Triangle Gift Box Tutorial using Mama Elephant Honey Bunny
Free tutorial and template for triangular treat box
......or you can just put adhesive on one of each of the triangular end flaps and tie the box up with ribbon like I did when I made them last year HERE

Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Thank you so much Wendy. I'm headed to my craft room to make it right now. Have a blessed day,
    Linda Fisher

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Wendy. Can't wait to try this box!

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