Fluffy Sheep

I should have posted this blog yesterday but I didn't have time this weekend although I did make the card last week for my niece and her husband's 1st wedding anniversary which was on Monday....it doesn't seem that long ago that we were at their wedding.
MFT Ewe are The Best Anniversary Card

I know I use this stamp set a lot but I saw a lovely card  using these stamps by Kimberly Crawford.  In her card there was a fluffy sheep and I wondered how she had created that texture.  She had used something I'd not come across before called Liquid Appliqué by Marvy.  I think generally it is used to create snow texture on Christmas cards but Kimberly very cleverly thought it would make a nice sheep!  And it did!
Marvy Liquid Applique used to create a fluffy sheep
I was a bit tentative when I applied it to my stamped sheep as I wasn't sure how much to put on, but I have had another go since and totally filled the area with the appliqué and it puffed up even better just like Kimberley's.  The instructions say to leave it to dry overnight and then use a heat gun on it until it goes puffy but I saw Gina K use a heat gun on it straight away and it gave the same result.  You can get the liquid appliqué in a few different colours other than white.
I can see fluffy stuff appearing on a lot of my cards in the future!!! 
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  1. And we love it, like we do all your lovely cards xx

  2. And we both love it, like all your lovely cards xx


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