Little Christmas Bird

I don't think it's too early for Christmas cards now we are in September so I have made a couple of cards using a fairly new stamp by Woodware called Little Christmas Bird.
I love the red and white Nordic look for Christmas so that are the colours I have gone with...
Woodware Little Christmas Bird red and white card
I used a technique I had seen Jennifer McGuire use in one of her videos where she stamped and heat embossed images on two different coloured cards using the Misti so that they are placed in exactly the same place on each card and then cutting each one in half and matching them up.
Red and White Christmas card made with Woodware Little Christmas Bird stamp
So after my boo boo mistakes on Monday, I have now discovered that my heat tool is on its way out and conks after each embossing.  I have to wait until it cools down before it will work again so it took aaaaages to make these cards.  And then I don't think the powder has set all that well either.  So a new heat gun has now been added to my ever increasing 'absolutely essential' crafting wish list!
Little Christmas Bird by Woodware used to make red and white Christmas Cards
Did I say it was my burfday on Monday?  Well I have been asking (no... make that nagging) my husbean that I needed the new Cameo 3 to replace my trusty Charlie Cameo 1 ever since I saw that Silhouette were bringing it out.  Well that nagging hinting paid off...look what I got to play with on Monday!
I have got a bit of a learning curve as I never updated my Legacy version software as there had been problems with the new V3 software but I had to update for the Cameo 3 and it has worked fine for me so far with no glitches.  Having that dual blade holder is great.  Anyway I am probably boring you non Silhouette users out there so I shall stop waffling on and go back to stroking my new toy!
Toodles for now,
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  1. First I absolutely LOVE your cards, the red and white is SUPER and the twin stamping gives a wonderful effect.

    As for the Cameo 3, I had my 2 JUST before they brought it out boo hoo, no way is it being replaced for quite a while, but will envy you from a distance, aren't hubbies great to take head of a "little" nagging LOL.

    1. Thanks Faith. It only goes to prove that my husbean does OCCASIONALLY listen to what I am saying!!

  2. Girl, September is almost TOO late when you have a gigundo card list. I am so far behind I see my own butt! (My eyes, my eyes!!) Thank you for sharing this fabulous Cc idea! I love the duo! I'm not sure if your birfday was LAST Monday or this coming Monday, but either way, Happy Birthday and many, many more! Enjoy your new toy and your very smart and generous husbean!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Awww...thanks Darnell. Get that butt out of your eyes! My burfday was last Monday and my lovely husbean has earned lots of Brownie points!! x

  3. love this card and thanks for using a Woodware stamp!


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