Crafty Purchases

Last Friday, I went to the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts show at Event City in Manchester.  I received 2 complimentary tickets to the event so I took a friend and we had a really enjoyable day.
I don't often share what I have bought but there are a couple of things that I thought I would share as some of you may be interested in them also.
I think I have to put the spiel somewhere on my blog post about not being paid to recommend these products and I did buy them all myself!
The first was a set of dies by a Swedish company called roxstamps.
Roxstamps Cross Stitch Circles dies
I loved the look of these dies as soon as I saw them and when I saw the price I knew I had to buy them as they were amazing value at £11.95.
They also had some square dies in the same cross stitch patterns and I wish I had bought those as well but I know I can order them online from Swedish Housecrafts who are based here in the UK and you can find the dies here.
I shall be using these on some cards soon!
When I saw the next item, I knew this was something I just had to have!!  It's nothing for cardmaking but despite me not being great at sewing I fell in love with it.....
Felt Snail making kit by House of Zandra
This is a felt snail kit.  It includes everything in the box that you need to make this CUTE snail which from memory is about 12" tall.
They are made by a company called House of Zandra and their booth at the show was full of felt animals that are simply amazing.  The kit was priced at £20 and there is a re-usable pattern included so that you can make more and in different colours if you wanted.
You can replace some of the stuffing with a bag of sand if you wanted to make a door stop which I am thinking of doing.
Have a look at their website to see all the other animals you can make.  I think they would make brilliant presents.
The next purchase I made was a Gyro-Cut.  I had seen a video on this paper cutter about a week before the show and so I was interested to see how easy it was to actually use.
Gyro-Cut paper cutter
I asked the lady who was demonstrating this if I could have a go to see if it was as easy as she made it look.  And I can tell you it really is.  OK - I was cutting shapes on paper and didn't try it on card but it was so easy to cut curves and the paper didn't tear at all.  They do say that it will cut card though and I have tried it out on some Neenah Classic Crest card to see if I could cut out a stamped image and it was amazingly easy.  There is a technique to it but as long as you hold it so it is vertical and start with the tip of the blade in the right position, it makes it so much easier than fussy cutting and I cut that stamp out so easily. 
You can buy this from Crafty Products and it costs £12.99.  Mine came with a pack of 2 spare blades but you have to buy these separately.
I also bought some Nuvo Crystal Drops that I have seen people using a lot on their cards.  I bought 6 colours at the show for £10 (which I thought was a good bargain) and spent this weekend blobbing them to see how they worked.  I got perfect domes every time apart from one colour which I struggled with as it left a bit of a peak on top.  I then realised that the top wasn't on properly and it had let air into the bottle so I squeezed the air out and it then worked fine. 
Finally the last item I have purchased but not from the show, was a photo board from who are based in the UK.  I used to carry around a bit of foam board and wallpaper to create my backdrops which was a pain so this makes it much easier and although it won't make me a better photographer, it will make my photos look a lot better.  I have used it on all the blog photos today.
I had seen people use these on Instagram for their blog photos as a backdrop so I took the plunge and ordered one in the Farmhouse wood although there are few other textures.  They come in 2 sizes, 40cm and 60cm square.  I went with the 60cm one but actually if I order another one I would go with the smaller size.
FINALLY and on a funny note I have to tell you what happened as we were leaving the show.  We decided to use the loo before the drive home.  You have to go down a corridor and either turn left or right depending on whether you want the ladies or gents.  I turned right and went into the Ladies.  On my way out I was fishing around in my bag to find the car keys and didn't look where I was going and walked straight across into the Gents!!  I heard an elderly man say to me 'I don't think you want to be in here love', looked up and realised exactly where I was!!!  Needless to say I ran out laughing at what I had just done and when my friend came out and asked why I was laughing I told her which made us laugh even more!  Doh!!!!!  How embarrassing!
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  1. WOW! wonderful and different buys Wendy, I look forward to your makes with them. Did laugh at your "visit" LOL.

  2. Looks like you had a great day out am so jealous that you are able to buy such wonderful things from craft shows we dont have anything similar here in Greece. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Only you aunt wonky!! Great morning giggle to read xx


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